Azure Swap Testnet

Feb 1, 2024

Let’s start by introducing Azure Swap. You might recognize the user interface as being really easy to use and simple to use.
You can choose the tokens from the dropdown menu on the right side of the swap box once your preferred wallet is connected. Azure Swap supports a variety of wallets, including Metamask.
You have the option to adjust the slippage tolerance for the trade. As soon as your order is submitted and accepted, the transaction should be promptly verified.
AzureCoin — Dex Testnet

Here simple Guideline how to add LP on Azure testnet using Azure Swap

1. Swap ETH to dAzr, use 5–10% slippage.

2. Choose add Liquidity.

3. Input amount of ETH and dAZR that you want add to LP.

4. Confirm supply and approve.

5. Done, you have been succesfully add Liquidity to ETH-dAZR pool.





Azure is an Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution using cutting edge Zero Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine technology.