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Privacy bridge dApps
Azure’s privacy bridge dApps is dedicated to investigating the interoperability of heterogeneous chains and advancing the DeFi ecosystem as a whole by introducing improved goods and services. It runs a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange service and offers a cutting-edge anonymous bridge dApps that simplify and enjoy your cryptocurrency trading process such as reduced network costs, an easy-to-use interface, no registration required, wallet connect, and KYC.
By doing this, Azure Chain will enable more dApp growth on all connected mainnets, expanding its audience and building a stable blockchain ecosystem.

Azure Dexswap
Azure dexswap is a non-custodial decentralized exchange (DEX) platform built on Ethereum where users can exchange or swap any coin with Simple, Easy and Fast. DexSwap is a fully secure and decentralized autonomous exchange so that users can start trading directly by connecting digital wallets such as MetaMask, trust wallet, etc.

Staking Platform
Earn rewards according to percentage of the tokens staked by staking your cryptocurrency through the Azure Staking Platform, monitoring your rewards, finding opportunities, and keeping self-custody of your assets. It generates chances for you to diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio and earn cryptocurrency rewards.

The Azure’s testnet is a blockchain test environment where users, developers, and testers can test-run their projects such as deploy, swap, add lp etc without having to worry about tampering with the main blockchain.

Azurepad is a platform that offers projects a streamlined process to raise fund through token sales. While it can boost investor trust and provide early access to promising projects, it will increase exposure, establish credibility, and speed up fundraising for project owners.

Locker and token creator
Azure’s locker, which can be used for multi-chains with simple and affordable fees, lets users safely lock their tokens and liquidity.
Create a Token in less than a minute with Azure, no coding required. It only include essential functions in smart contracts, no unnecessary code that costs money up front for creators and subsequently for all users is included.

Azure Wallet is a noncustodial cryptocurrency wallet that gives users access to decentralized applications (DApps) and a safe and secure environment in which to interact with DApps on all supported blockchains. By allowing users to purchase, send, receive, stake, trade, and store cryptocurrencies, Azure Wallet seeks to increase cryptocurrency accessibility for all.

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Azure is an Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution using cutting edge Zero Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine technology.